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Sire's owner (Coy)

Dear Mark, Hunter is doing really well.  As you know - Jim is a retired K-9 officer and hunter is fitting in well with our other dogs.  Jim says that Hunter has the best personality and play drive he has ever seen.  Right now Jim works with him in back just driving him to retrieve to build up his confidence, he will start to train him once he is about a year old.  Thanks so much - my vet by the way said that he had the most beautiful coat and that you could sell a dog like that for $800 down here.

As you know, we just celebrated Sashii’s 1st birthday last week. We plan to go to the vet after the first of the year, so she can do her OFA certification. 

Maybe by next year, Sashii will also be a new Mommy! She and Hershey are doing great with Cala. They were a little out of control the first night, but I think that was more because I was finally home. Since then they have been very sweet and gentle with the baby. Hershey thinks Cala is her baby. Sashii is still a little too much like a puppy, she just gives Cala her chewy toy as if Cala is ready to tug with her, it is pretty funny.
When we get pictures of the three of them together, we’ll have to send you a copy. Also, hopefully I’ll get to update the website soon with more current photos.

Robert, Karen-lyn & baby Cala (Owned by: Hershey, Dixie, Trixie & Sashii, too!)

We love our little Max.  We will be taking some pictures soon and we will e-mail them to you.  He getting so big and all the kids love him.

Melanie & Doug

Dear Mark,

I wanted you to know I am fine and so happy. Nan and Darrell love me so much. I have trained them to do all sorts of things. Nan has learned to give me crushed ice at bedtime and also milk and Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. She makes me eat low fat, though. I grew up on Sciience Diet but have now switched to Purenia for big pups. My digestion is great. I did get sick and throw up one time when I ate a latex glove. Nan was so worried and called my doctor. I threw it up the next morning.

I have trained Darrell to give me a treat when he wants me to go out. I have trained both of them to retrieve shoes that I bring from the closet and laundry room. Darrell lets me still sit in his lap and watch TV.

My best friend is Puddy, my cat. We play a lot. Puddy yells but he is just putting on because his tail is switching back and forth. Sometimes we get in trouble if we run through the house. I have a big back porch and fenced yard. I can come in the house anytime I want, except when I forget and go in the living room. Nan has some oriental rugs that I used to forget and have accidents on but not any more since I am a big girl.

Darrell has tried to teach me to come when he whistles War Eagle, but I am an Alabama girl, like Nan. I do like the whistle on Andy Griffin though.

Nan and Darrell say I am very pretty. I have shades of yellow that sometimes look strawberry. I look very white from a distance. My skin is black. It used to be pink when I was little. My eyes look like they have been lined. I will get Nan to send you a picture. She says I look so much like my real mom. Sometimes we look at her on the computer.

Hope you are having a nice summer. Nan has signed up for the DROP bill so she can buy me lots of toys. I wish she would retire so she could stay home.

Love, Annie

Nan Parker []

Hey Mark---

 Thank you so much posting the pictures of the puppies.  I have been checking the website everyday and waiting.  I was so excited when I saw the 4 week tab.  They are great pictures.  My favorite is the one of the chocolate biting on the yellow's tail, of course.  Not sure if it is Molly, but I can pretend that it is.  I immediately made it my screen saver.
I don't think we are going to be able to come for another visit before we bring her home.  For our schedules, we were looking at Saturday, Jan. 25 to come get her.  How does that look for you?  I am going to bring my camara to take pics of her and her family before she leaves and also a towel for the scent of her mother, isn't that what you suggested?  Hank immediately took to the towel we brought home from Molly.  He starts out sleeping with it each night.  Maybe that's a good sign.
Let us know about the 25th.  If that's not good, that's fine, any day after that will be good, just not before.
Leigh Anne and Junior Potts

Pottsy []

Hope you enjoy the photos - we are truly enjoying the puppies.  Ken and Sherry Meek
Hi, this is what samson looks like now - he is great, Joseph Bridges.
Though you would enjoy this picture.  Bella is doing wonderfully and loves her house.  Samantha F DePue
Hey Mark,.
Here is picture of Molly, born in your July 4th, 2003 litter out of Aztec and Iroquois. Isn't she lovely? As you can see, she is happy and healthy and has her own pool. Thank you for being a responsible breeder.
Judy Brand

Hi Mark!
Well Timon is almost 1 and everyday we are so thankful that he is part of our family.  I just wanted to send you a couple new pictures.  He's grown to be such a beautiful dog.  We get compliments on him ALL the time.  I take him to the school when I pick up my son in the afternoon and often people are coming over to say hi to him and compliment us on how gorgeous he is.  He's healthy and strong and LOVES the water.  He plays in the pool with my sister's yellow lab (they're great friends...all we have to do is say her name and he perks up and knows EXACTLY where we're going) and they fight over who is going to get to the ball first.  It's great fun to watch.  They'll easily go for 2 hours straight.  We actually have to make them rest or they just won't quit!
Anyway, we're enjoying him immensely and we thank you again for breeding such a gorgeous and well mannered dog.

Hi Mark,

Little Stormy is doing really well we had to get another lab right after we got Stormy from you because our older male lab died a couple weeks after Stormy came home. The vet said he had a heart attack, we are not sure what caused it. So now we have 2 puppies.

Thanks so much, 

Jennifer Adkison

Here's a Picture of Val, he's about one year old now.  Todd Lamberth
This is Bella from Cherokee and Aztec's litter Ed Richardson
These are Cooper, his daughter Paisley and Quila (from Coy and Sierra)
This is Paisley's first retrieve - she didn't even blink when I fired and hit the water like a pro.  She did it all on instinct.
Bailey is fantastic!  She is the smartest, most beautiful Lab ever; but of course I'm a little prejudice.  She Immediately  became part of our family.  I have a friend helping to train her and he says she is soooo smart.  She is very curious about everything and has to check everything out (typical Lab).  We were playing with Bailey in the back yard and she suddenly stopped and pointed.  She doesn't know she won't be going hunting.  Her biggest problem to correct was jumping up and she has finally learned (most of the time) that is not acceptable.  She is learning to sit, stay (yea right) heel and come (sometimes).  I want her to be a wonderful dog that everyone, not just us, wants to be around.  I told Rich when you see her again I didn't want you to think she was "a kick over the fence dog".  She is about 50 lbs and is scheduled to be spayed the end of the month.  Since we do not plan to breed, this is the healthiest for her.
Thank you so much for our beautiful, healthy Lab.  I told Rich Bailey needs a playmate but so far he refuses.  Maybe we'll be back for another some time.

Hi Mark!

It’s hard to believe, but Montana is almost 5 months old; 45 lbs. & we’ve now had her for over 3 months.  We are STILL in love!  Just wanted to send you these pictures of her taken this past weekend!  She is definitely a “water dog”!  Besides playing w/her sister, Dakota across the street (owned by Adam & Debbie Gotthelf), I believe swimming is her next favorite thing.

We have so much fun w/her.


Deena (& Danny) MacLeod

Here are a few pictures of our beautiful dogs, Jake & Hunter. They are now 2.5 years old and liter mates are very unique. I have better pictures but these were on my work computer. These pups are the most loving and SENSITIVE animals that I have ever had. The smaller dog, Hunter, does not like to retrieve but Jake LOVES to retrieve anything you will throw. Jake is full of ENERGY. Hunter is fast but much laid back.

Thank you so much.