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 Litters Available By Date Born
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Choc - $620
Yellow $590
Near white $690
White $890
Black $520

Deposits are $250 and the deposit list is below:

Deposit List:  Puppies are matched according to date of deposit by first or second choice.  Depositors are asked to decide about changing their choice or retrieving their deposit within three days of birth date so that new inquiries can be addressed.  Refunds are given if no puppy is born matching a desired description.  It will be 10-12 days from birth before I am sure if yellows will have chocolate noses or black noses.  After the first week after whelping, if a depositor changes their mind, I may have to use some of the deposit to advertise before refunding the deposit.  I have never had a problem with a refund before birth.

Arapaho x Tucker 4/30
Any problems that arise, the deposit can be returned as long as the puppies are less than three weeks old.  If you do not get the puppy you want, the deposit will be returned unless you would like to wait till the next litter..
Name Choice of puppy Deposit and date Payment Pick up plans
Tucker owner choc fem or black fem NA    
AGreer The great white whale (I mean male) finally 9/12/18 790    
Haley mom reserved 300    
RCarter Yellow male then black male 1/22/20 250   8 weeks
TJHicks Choc female then black fem 2/24/20 250    
KMadore Black male 4/11/20 250    
ECruce Black male 5/7/20 250    
WWard Black male 5/13/20 250    
Tterbovich Black male 5/19/20 100    
Actual Litter        
Whelped April 30 Black female tucker owner    
  Black female TJ hicks    
  Black male CSatterwhite    
  Black male RCarter    
  Black male KMadore    
  Black male TTerbovich    
  Black male ECruce    
  Black male WWard    
  Black male      
  white male Greer    
Next litter deposits Arapaho in June of 2021      
Stud owner choice      
MTJones White female      
MS Monk Choc female then black female 3/1/20 250    

llColors:  Big fem, little fem, white male, black males:  red, orange, light blue, dark blue, maroon, lime, yellow

Nice pic of Dad

2 1/2 weeks

Yellow male - very playful medium sized and explores.
Purple male - biggest in the litter.  Owns the place.
Green male- calm and medium large.
Red male- playful and medium sized.  Even keeled.
Orange male- medium large and explores.
Lt Blue male- playful, medium and alert for mom often.  Loves nose wrestling.
Lime male- calmer, medium sized.  Likes to see what's going on..
Pink female - small and playful.  Quiet when held.
Coral female - playful and medium sized.  Is out and about often.

3 1/2 weeks - a morning in the air outside.