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Click here - See puppy pictures from the last litter below deposit list. 

Dams are OFA Good and Excellent
Choc - $940
Yellow $990
Near white $1140
White $1290
Black $840

Deposits are $250; payment in full is expected when puppies are 6 weeks old.  Deposit list is below:

Deposit List:  Puppies are matched according to date of deposit by first or second choice.  Depositors are asked to decide about changing their choice or retrieving their deposit within three days of birth date so that new inquiries can be addressed.  Refunds are given if no puppy is born matching a desired description.  It will be 10-12 days from birth before I am sure if yellows will have chocolate noses or black noses.  After the first week after whelping, if a depositor changes their mind, I may have to use some of the deposit to advertise before refunding the deposit.  I have never had a problem with a refund before birth.

Navajo and Arapaho x Buddy will have probably 1/4 yellow, 3/8 black and 3/8 chocolate.  Due dates are 12/18  and 12/20.  We will pregnancy test on 11/16.
Any problems that arise, the deposit can be returned as long as the puppies are less than three weeks old.  If you do not get the puppy you want, the deposit will be returned unless you would like to wait till the next litter..
Name Choice of puppy and collar color Deposit and date Payment Pick up plans

Puppy pics 10-7-22

10-9-22 - set pupps up in tight space between block with litter.  Momma looks good.  They already play, but mostly eat adn sleep.

10/22/22  Aunt Arapaho taking a turn snuggling


10/28/22 choc female yellow collar blue collar male


10/31/22 Black males yellow, green blue choc female yellow collar

Available 11/6 - 2 black males and one choc female:  If your interested in a black male, I have depositors pick first and second choice and work it out.

Black male-yellow collar  
Black male-blue collar
Black male- green collar
Choc fem

11/12 and 11/13

11/19 11/20

11/29 more pictures of two available black males to come