Sire and Dam


Sire - Gus

Father of Arapaho - 80lbs
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Sire - Huck, unknown if yellow gene yet - 50/50


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Dam - Arapaho


Daughter of Apache and Gus - 78 lbs
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Sire - Trigger


67 lbs
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Dam - Apache, example of a yellow that is near white

Mother of Arapaho - 75lbs
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Sire - Bolt

Father of Apache - 90 lbs

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Sire - Tucker

90 lbs

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Tucker is about 85 lbs and is a hunter and a water dog. Here you can see he has a nice shaped head and otter tail.   Very boxy head and ball drive.  Obviously these pictures are not from Auburn.  None of the other dogs have ever seen SNOW!


Retired - Father of Chinook - 75 lbs

Cooper is a youngster but loves to venture out with his owners to Conway's lake.

Is he waiting for a command to relax or does he just strike poses like that for the ladies.

Cooper with his daughter Paisley (from Iroquois).  It is fun to look at their eyes and see the resemblance.


Sire - Aztec
- Father of Sierra - 75 lbs

He heard me sneak up with the camera

Aztec when he was three - just started to get a little bit of a beard. And then, his beard today.

He's staring off Iroquois who has a ball he wants.  The next one is 6 years later - still staring at that ball :).


Dam - Iroquois

Retired - Mother of Sierra 80 lbs

On a hot day

Playing with her daughter Cherokee

Catching some sun in the morning - wink.


Dam - Sierra - Daughter of Iroquois and Aztec
Retired - Mother of Chinook - 85 lbs

In a nice stance and just bulging with puppies!

Who's a blockhead?

Finally got her to stare at her chew, so I could snap a nice head shot of her.  Check out Aztec's eyes - see the resemblance?


Dam - Chinook - Daughter of Sierra and Cooper
Mother of Apache - 65 lbs

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